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What we do

We provide a professional, cost-effective and high-quality internal audit service to you, our clients, throughout the South West and beyond, based on a sound understanding of your business needs and objectives. Our broad suite of internal audit services prioritise best practice, increased productivity and financial savings for partners and clients alike.

At SWAP Internal Audit Services, we are dedicated to improving the standard of corporate governance, risk management and internal control systems for partners and clients across the South West and throughout the country.


“A not for profit organisation delivering Internal Audit Services by applying global standards at a local level for our partners and our clients, helping them achieve their business objectives.”


By working in partnership SWAP AIMS to:

  • Provide a professional cost effective, high quality Internal Audit service to all clients that understands their business needs. 
  • Improve the standard of corporate governance, risk management and internal control systems for all partners and clients.
  • Expand the business, incorporating new partners and fee-paying clients, where it is beneficial to the company and our owners to do so.

Our aims are summed up in our marketing strapline:

SWAP Internal Audit Services are excellent value for money offering first-rate quality at an affordable price. As a not for profit public sector company we offer everything from partnership to one off contracts to meet your needs across a wide range of audit services.


Our objectives are to:

  • Continuously improve the quality and productivity of the Internal Audit service we provide.

Measurement: A full Quality Assurance Review will be completed every three years and externally validated by a suitably qualified independent organisation; net output, per auditor, increases annually.

  • Ensure that a sustainable Internal Audit service is available to all of our partners and clients at all times; retaining existing and attracting new.

Measurement: Company net turnover grows by 10% per annum; contributions from partners remain static or fall – no increases; performance target of 90% of plans completed exceeded annually for every partner.

  • To create an outstanding working environment for SWAP employees.

Measurement: Annual anonymous staff questionnaire; positive exit interview feedback; increasing number of qualified and part qualified staff; Board approved recruitment and retention package; Revised staff terms and conditions in 2015.