Executive Recruitment


While the Mission statement says what we do, the Vision sets out our aspirations for the future, setting SWAP’s direction of travel.


To be a nationally recognised brand known for high quality internal audit services in the public sector.


SWAPs values have been defined after investigating what matters to our partners and clients:

  1. Candid - We pride ourselves in being straightforward to deal with, fair, open and accountable. 
  2. Relevant - We are an informed and experienced professional workforce, up to date with emerging issues and a with forward-looking attitude.
  3. Inclusive - We value the power of the collective mind and harness opportunities for working together and collaborating with others whenever possible.
  4. Innovative - We thrive on being different, both in our corporate set up and in challenging traditional approaches to internal audit.
  5. Dedicated - We value the experience and knowledge of others and make time to listen. We are an established service committed to long term customer service excellence.